Start with fresh

For pink diamond, pet food is the real food that accompanies the whole life. We choose fresh food, the healthiest and best ingredients, so that the ingredients list is no longer cold chemical elements. It is produced in factories that meet the sqf-3 standard, which is the highest favorite food production standard equivalent to human food standard.

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All the food of pink diamond is originated from the family inheritance enterprise in 1969.Each batch of pet grain must go through multiple strict testing processes, and the products have been certified by Canadian food inspection agency, European Union and AQSIQ.


Starts with Fresh Ingredients

Our recipes include only the freshest natural ingredients. Vegetables are harvested at their peak, and our herbs are carefully researched to deliver superb taste along with important traditional health benefits. We encourage eco-responsible producers and select our fishes and meats for their superior quality. Whenever possible, we always favour Canadian products. We are blessed to live in a country fostering internationally acclaimed farming, agricultural practices, and high quality standards.

Free range Turkey

Our fresh turkey comes from eco-responsible Ontario farms. Thanks to these passionate Canadian producers, our pet food benefits from their premium quality meat, entirely hormone and antibiotic-free. Turkey is high in protein and a great source of amino acids. This lean meat gives our recipe a traditional taste that has become an all-time favourite.

Deep-sea Salmon

Our fresh salmon is renowned internationally for its exceptional quality and taste. Only premium Atlantic salmon goes into our recipes, providing cats and dogs optimal nutrient content. Our only partnerships are with sustainable fisheries members of the Ocean Trust as protecting our natural resources is also part of our engagement.